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Speak On It: Knowing Your Worth & Staying Inspired As a Creative

How to find more inspiration

I first learned about Philece AKA “That Artista” back when I started my natural hair blog around 2010. I fell in love with her work and at one point, I even won one of her art pieces in a giveaway. Ever since I started following Philece, I’ve been drawn to not only her brilliant artwork—and let’s face it, her hair and beauty!—but also her positive energy.

She’s one of those people who you can just instantly feel the genuine good vibes she emits, even if you’ve never met her in person. That’s why I’m so happy I was able to interview her about her journey as a fine artist and graphic designer. Philece drops some serious gems that all creatives need to know (and embrace) in order to make a living doing what they love: Continue Reading →